REAL WORLD, PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE  to improve your profit, cash, sales, and business efficiency – quickly and professionally.

NO COST, NO OBLIGATION MEETING  to clarify your key issues and concerns and how best we can help.

PROBING QUESTIONS and a clear format for you to better understand your business and help you understand your less efficient areas.

  • Jetstream Profit -experienced in running companies, turned them around, and have achieved high growth and profitable sustainability. ( See testimonials and case studies). This real world experience can help you and your company achieve significant business improvement.
  • Jetstream Profit achieves results with you,  within your agreed budget., and within a targeted time frame. There are no runaway management consultancy fees. Typically you can expect a 3 to 5 times payback on your improvement investment.
  • Free no obligation discussion. Typically a 2 hour meeting to help you identify business areas for improvement, by using  a well tested clear logical process. (See Checklists).
  • Real work for you on day one, using the checklists and worksheet derived from the free initial discussion. ‘Hand holding’ and training is given for all implementation to ensure it is embedded and sustainable for current and future profit improvement. Typically this might be two days a month with you; or more, or less as agreed.

Specialist support for Small and Medium sized Businesses in Southern England.

You can improve your business in the following areas with our help:

  • Cash improvement
  • Profit improvement
  • Sales improvement, and performance measures for driving sales
  • Meaningful management information and controls – KPI’s
  • Marketing improvements and campaigns for sales growth
  • Company strategy and business planning to get you where you want to be
  • On going planning, strategy, mentoring, and coaching to maximise performance

Many businesses cannot afford to employ all the expertise they need; even some larger companies often don’t have all the expertise in house. Perhaps in your company, there is a lack of time available in the key areas, to rapidly improve your company and profitability.

Take a look at the menu pages and call today to arrange a free meeting, or to discuss potential options for improving your business, or just to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.