Business Improvement

Jetstream Profit has expertise in coaching small businesses to improve their Business Management, which encompasses both business strategy and day to day operational performance.

Typically this involves detailed, in-depth discussions with the Director / Owner of the business about the key issues, their root causes and potential solutions.

Often the key issue identified will be related to either diminishing cash, sales not meeting target or a desire to realise the value built up in the company.

The resulting stress on business owners can be severe.

Knowing who to turn to can be difficult – should you turn to your accountant? ; or, perhaps, your bank manager?  Is there someone you know who has significant business experience and whom you can trust to give you solid, impartial guidance on the issues facing you?

Business Coaching from Jetstream Profit provides you, the business Director / Owner, with the opportunity to discuss in detail with an experienced business person your key concerns and hear what other businesses have done in similar situations. Options are developed and discussed and any changes planned. Progress is usually monitored monthly using a small number (typically 3) key measures.

There is a lot more that could be said but the way we work depends on how you, the client, want to work. Whether this is just a discussion to point you towards some potential options, or doing a task, such as creating a full business plan, the promise is always to put you first, to listen to your needs and support you fully.

If you would like to know more about the specific deliverables Jetstream Profit offers, please see the supplementary pages.

Otherwise, if you are a business Director / Owner and would like to talk over your business concerns, please call  or email via the ‘Contact’ page.

Charges are very affordable and you will not be charged for an initial discussion.