Strategy & Plans

Strategy Review:  Some companies have a very clear strategy. For many, the strategy has not been updated for quite a while, and the first they realise of this is when sales and profits decline. If your business strategy has not been refreshed in the last 6 months, Jetstream Profit can help you put this right.
Working with you, Jetstream Profit will help you update, or develop for you, a winning business strategy, taking into account the strengths of your business, your position in the market, what is happening to the market and identifying the best place for your company to operate to achieve your goals.

Business Targets (short Business Plan): Having clear goals, knowing your destination, is vital. You now need to plan the journey. The Business Plan is your road map showing you step by step how you will achieve your goal. Jetstream Profit offers two solutions, a short plan and a full plan.
Because it is so important that the business plan be used, and not just sit on a shelf, Jetstream Profit has designed a compact, 3 page plan that captures the vision and goals and all the essential milestones and indicators used to measure performance and progress against the plan. Working closely with you, it takes about 3 days to put this together.

Full Business Plan: The full business plan includes the detailed steps to achieve each milestone. It specifies not only what needs to be done but how it is planned to get it done. It also summarises the market assumptions and the product (or service) strategy, the evolution of organisation structure, staff plan, location, skills, systems and processes. It also includes the 12 month budget with full measures. It takes typically 10 working days to put together the full plan. The aim is to keep it to 15 pages.