Goals & Assessments

Business Health Check:  Taking just half a day, this involves a series of questions designed to help you understand what state your planning is in currently. It covers the goals you have set, your strategy and plans as well as assessing the strength of people and processes. At the end you will see clearly the areas you need to improve, as well as those aspects where you are well placed.

Goal Setting:  The starting point for any business. For smaller businesses this means understanding your intentions – will you sell and if so how much will you need for the business and when is this needed? Jetstream Profit helps you define what success looks like and write this down so it is clearly understood by all the key stakeholders (the owners, your staff and your investors).

Business Risk Assessment:  If you have a good plan, but are concerned whether it fully takes into account changes in the market or in legislation, you may opt for a Business Risk Assessment. This consists of a workshop to identify the key risks to the plan, and to the business. A rigorous method is used to assess and plot each risk, evaluate mitigating actions currently in place and decide on any actions required to reduce risk. It takes about 2 days to complete a Risk Assessment. The key benefit is quantification of the current level of risk to the business and clear actions to reduce risks where necessary back to an acceptable level.