Getting Results

‘Continuous Care’ :  this very effective, and highly commended, method has been developed over the years and now has a strong track record of delivering results. It centres on a monthly management meeting and reviews key performance metrics, forecasts and actions. The meeting normally takes two hours.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI): can be a very effective tool for managing the business. At Jetstream Profit, it is recommended to use a small number of KPIs (typically 3 or 4) to help you and your team clearly understand how the business is doing against plan. Selecting exactly which measures to adopt as your KPIs can be difficult, but it is really important to get this right. Jetstream Profit has a wealth of experience in designing KPIs and can help you choose just the right ones to help your team understand clearly and unambiguously how the business is performing. Typically taking one day, the benefits of choosing the right set of KPIs are: greater focus and better performance.

Business Dashboard: The way in which management information about the business is displayed can make a huge difference to the understanding of that information. If the information is not well understood then the wrong conclusions can be drawn and the wrong actions taken. Some people love spreadsheets – for others, however, a picture works better. Jetstream Profit can design a highly effective Business Dashboard representing the performance of your business ‘at a glance’. It will also allow you to do ‘what if’ scenarios – for example, what if that order does not come in by the end of the month? The benefit of a good dashboard is a quick, accurate view of the performance of the business – and better decisions as a result.