Mentoring & Coaching

As a specific area of expertise, or to support specific projects to achieve business improvement, clients of Jetstream Profit frequently sign up to an on-going programme of mentoring and coaching to ensure business improvements are not short lived.  Please see our testimonials for examples.

The Jetstream Profit mentoring programme is a hands-on approach to helping you, the owner of a small or medium sized business make ongoing improvements to the performance of your company.  Typically this means regular meetings to discuss progress, actions and performance metrics and helping the management team drive through improvement actions and plans.

The coaching programme differs from mentoring and involves working one to one with owner/directors or their team members to listen to issues and, through a process of questioning, guide the client towards clarifying the problem and identifying the options. At Jetstream Profit coaching is about helping you, the client, to see issues more clearly and apply your knowledge and experience more confidently – you have the answers – through coaching you receive the help you need to find the right one.